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Welcome to Katalyst Counselling and thank you for viewing my website.


I am here because I want to help you have choices which can help you to feel happier and to support you in making some changes in your situation or within yourself, if that is what you choose to do.


Talking can be very helpful, however you may not want to talk to friends or family, or have worries too private to share with people you know. Emotions are designed to move, to come and go, and when not expressed, emotions  can get 'stuck' and lead to depression, anxiety, stress, low self esteem and physical illnesses. You may feel alone, and counselling can help by offering a safe space to share these thoughts and feelings with another person who is trained to help.  People often tell me that the best thing about counselling has been the opportunity to talk to someone neutral, not connected with the rest of their lives, and who is not judgemental.


Counselling does not aim to offer advice but can help you find a way forward and cope better with problems you are having in your life.  An experienced listener may be all you need and/or some new perspectives with tested techniques for solving problems.


These are some of the issues that counselling can help to address:

• Anger

• Anxiety and panic attacks

• Bereavement and loss

• Confidence building

• Depression and low mood

• Low self esteem

• Relationship difficulties

• Self harm

• Sexual identity

• Stress

• Work related issues including stress and redundancy














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I work face to face and via Zoom online sessions. I prefer to work with individuals only (not with couples).

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