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About Katalyst Counselling ...

I work from Jersey Marine, Neath, near Swansea, where I offer low cost counselling in a comfortable, quiet and confidential space in which you can feel safe to talk. I can help with any personal changes you would like to make.

I work one to one with individuals to build relationship and the success of our work depends on the trust we are able to build together. We can work long or short term, mainly through talking/listening, helping you get to know yourself better, and finding some creative solutions to whatever is troubling you.

I am a Relational counsellor offering talking therapy (and NOT a CBT counsellor though I sometimes draw on elements of the CBT model as part of our work).

"The Inner Critic makes each of us a child. As we become the child in our relationships, we lose our sense of self. We are no longer self-contained, self- respecting adults. We look to others for validation. Our self-worth is based upon their opinion of us. Thus, everyone around us becomes a mother or a father whose support and approval is desperately needed to protect us from the constant criticism of the Inner Critic."

-- Hal and Sidra Stone


“You have been criticising yourself for years and it hasn't worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.”

― Louise L. Hay

"The power to move the world is in the subconscious mind."  -- William James

Our subconscious mind creates our lives perfectly according to how it has been programmed. It works 24 hours of every day, 365 days per year. It accepts instructions from the conscious mind, checks on old inner programming and executes.

The subconscious mind acts on old beliefs stored over a lifetime. Many of those beliefs you may have accepted without thinking. Or you may have absorbed them when you were too young to exercise choice. Many of the beliefs that govern your life may no longer match what you now hold to be true.

Nonetheless, the subconscious mind is the director till you rewrite the scripts. Put some effort into getting it working on your positive, conscious intentions instead of your old limiting, unconscious beliefs and your life will change.

"If a man devotes himself to the instructions of his own unconscious, it can bestow this gift [of renewal], so that suddenly life, which has been stale and dull, turns into a rich unending inner adventure, full of creative possibilities."

-- Marie-Louise von Franz



"Our ultimate freedom is the right and power to decide how anybody or anything outside ourselves will affect us."   -- Stephen Covey


"You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you, and in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you." - Brian Tracy


"One cannot make a slave of a free person, for a free person is free even in a prison."   -- Plato

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Helping You Grow

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