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Some of my former clients have given me permission to use the feedback I obtained from them as testimonials:


"I would like to thank you, you helped more than you can ever know. I'd like to let you know that after realising my worth I decided to emigrate to Australia. I leave Monday."


I cannot thank you enough for all you did for my daughter. When we contacted you we were desperate for help, thanks to you she turned a corner and now is a happy, normal teenager again"


"this is a message to acknowledge that those sessions i had with you were a really important part of my healing journey, and i want to say thank you very much Katrina, and i hope you are happy and healthy."


"You have really helped me a lot, my counselling sessions have meant a lot to me and been very important in my life."


"You have a way of summing things up in a few words and somehow managing to say exactly how I feel"


"Sometimes it's uncanny the way you are able to say what I am feeling, how do you know?!"


"Counselling has really helped me a lot, I was very nervous at first but now am really glad I did this".


"Katrina puts you at easy immediately and the counselling room was warm and inviting which makes all the difference. The theraputic relationship was almost instant! She used an integrative approach, which meant we never got stuck in a rut as she used techniques which suited me, and since I have had a few different therapy approaches hers was certainly the best. As now a counselling student I was possibly more aware of how she was as a therapist than someone who has no theoretical knowledge of counselling, she was also very accommodating of my variations in times for sessions as I could not make the same times weekly and put no pressure on me to stick rigidly for this would of hindered therapy. In short she was a refreshing relief from the counsellors I have had and really helped me make massive gains, a true professional and genuine counsellor. The gains I made have truly changed my life for the better and she achieved this with me."


"Caring, helpful, logical, smart."


"The best therapist I have used and would definitely use again in the future. Puts you at ease when you first meet her, is very friendly with a wonderful personality and I always came away from the sessions with something positive. Katrina helped me a lot during my counselling sessions and I would have no qualms in recommending this wonderful therapist to anyone. A diamond :-)"


"Katrina is really nice to talk to. She offers a calm, safe environment for you to address your thoughts and feelings. With Katrina,  I could talk about things easily but never felt pressure from her if I needed to stop. She is gentle and offers different ways of thinking about things that I didn’t realise before. I felt like she understood me and my feelings. She is professional and genuinely caring."


"She is always so friendly, and the environment she conducts her sessions in also has a calming and inviting vibe to it. Both of these things allow you to promptly start opening up. Counselling allowed me to try and approach the people I was having problems with in my life more objectively and started me on a path to increasing my self esteem which now empowers me to believe that if I want something I am worthy of it and able to get it."


"I'm so much happier with myself and I would like to thank you for being a part of that! I hope you continue your fabulous work! "

" I  just wanted to thank you for encouraging me to get help and for being there 100%. I couldn’t have hung in there through all of this without your support. I cannot ever thank you enough."

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