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working with objects

I sometimes use some coloured stones and crystals which can help you describe and think about complex feelings or family dynamics. I use them only when a client expresses an interest, and if you feel this is a method you would like to work with I would be happy to use this method with you to explore your situation or yourself. Whatever your beliefs are on the science of crystals in healing, it does seem a place can be found for any objects within the therapy room as a bridge to our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. They can also help link us to nature and the earth from which we were born and there is a growing weight of opinion that nature deprivation is cause for increased stress anxiety and depression in modern society. I feel it is very important that the cabin I work from is in a natural setting. Crystals can be used as a anchor to ground you, or a link to feelings and memories. They can help sooth and calm you, and they can allow you to look at emotions and situations more clearly.

I have a selection of small objects, crystals and stones in the therapy room which you can use to help explore whatever might be going on for you, if you wish. We can use them in a sand tray, or you can just hold them while you talk or even sit in silence.

I have some personality-type cards (archetypes) which can be used to gain insights into the characteristics which make you into the person you are, and also colour therapy cards which I have found to be very popular as people talk about why they are attracted to certain colours, how the colours make them feel.  

I also have various other picture cards to stimulate memories and feelings, and we can explore and use these in whatever way you wish.

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ways of using a sandtray

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